19 Aug

I’ve been studying my way through Genesis lately, and came across an interesting detail in the book. Only two times is the word “blameless” used. Once in describing Noah (6:9) and once in describing Abraham (17:1). In both cases, these men demonstrated by their actions radical obedience to God in the midst of seemingly impossible situations.

And really, that is what obedience is. It is active. John Maxwell says it this way: “In twenty of the world’s most primitive languages, the word for belief is the same as the word for do. It’s only the modern world that has separated them.”

As we lead people, it is not always enough to get them to think properly (though that is critical) or to understand correctly (also important). True obedience is a matter of action. Faith must ultimately result in obedience, or else it is not really faith.

Are we steering people toward action?

What strategies have you used to encourage people take tangible steps of obedience?

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