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Productivity, Part 3

I’ve enjoyed the interaction I’ve seen and heard over the past couple of weeks. We’ve been digging in to this idea of productivity and prioritizing. Certainly it looks a bit different for everyone, but one thing that is true for all of us is that we need some way to prioritize our life in order to make us more productive.

This is where the Urgent/Important matrix comes in to play. Essentially, the matrix is a quadrant. Items which are Urgent are placed along a spectrum from left (most urgent) to right (least urgent). Items are placed in varying levels of Importance from the top (most important) to the bottom (least important). So, the top left corner is “Urgent and Important” and the top right corner is “Important but Not Urgent” and so on. Placing your “to dos” on this quadrant is a helpful way of prioritizing your tasks and making sure you are putting the right amount of effort into the right places.

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