Are You FAT?

22 Apr

I meet a fair number of people who are interested in being mentored. Honestly, almost all of us would love to be mentored in our faith. The hardest part of a mentoring relationship is the first step: getting connected to a mentor. My advice always is to ask someone. Most people don’t sit around thinking, “I’m such a spiritual giant, I should be mentoring someone.” But, most people will respond if you ask them to mentor you. So, find a person you have a connection to, and ask them.

By far a more important trait to foster if you want to be mentored is to become FAT. I don’t mean weight gain, but FAT represents these traits:

Faithful-any mentoring relationship (or lasting spiritual growth, for that matter) depends on you being faithful to pursue God. As the old saying goes, it is much easier to steer a ship that is already in motion. If you are on the move spiritually, you are much more likely to get something significant out of a mentoring relationship.

-One of the other big challenges to mentoring is creating open space in your life to pursue a deep relationship. It is a sacrifice for both the mentor and the mentee, but being available is a good sign that you are committed to a real spiritual challenge.

-Finally, an intimate spiritual friendship requires a degree of humility on the part of both people. If you are interested in being mentored, you need to ask yourself, how interested am I in being changed? in being challenged? in being pushed into places in my life I can’t see clearly now? If you are willing, God will be faithful to provide an opportunity for you to grow.

What traits might you add to this list?

What experiences do you have in mentoring others or being mentored?

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