Prof Howard Hendricks

04 Mar

Dear Momentum Leaders,
Recently, the world lost a man whose legacy is difficult to describe. Howard Hendricks, known affectionately as “Prof” by the over 10,000 students he taught at Dallas Seminary, went to be with the Lord. It is possible that you have never heard of him, but I know that you have been affected by his leadership, without knowing it. If you’ve learned something from people like Chuck Swindoll or Andy Stanley or Pastor Brad or me, you’ve learned something that Howard Hendricks taught us.

You can learn something of his legacy here:

I also want to share this podcast with you, too:

The podcast is lengthy, about 40 minutes, but it is power-packed. Prof talks about leaving a legacy, something he certainly knows about. (If you only listen to part of it, listen from the 33 minute mark on).

Finally, I can’t link to this, but I will recommend it to you. If you go to the iTunes store, scroll all the way down and click on iTunes U. Search for “Dallas Theological Seminary” and then view “All Courses.” From there, you can download two of Prof’s classes, “Bible Study Methods” and “Leadership Dynamics.” You won’t be disappointed.

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