Renewed Leadership

31 Dec

I came across a quote that is so simple, so true, and yet deeply profound. John Maxwell, Leadership Guru, says this:

“God is the Ultimate Leader, and He calls every believer to lead others. The call to leadership is a consistent pattern in the Bible. When God decided to raise up a nation of His own, He didn’t call upon the masses. He called out one leader–Abraham. When He wanted to deliver His people out of Egypt, He didn’t guide them as a group. He raised up a leader to do it–Moses. When it came time for the people to cross into the Promised Land, they followed one man–Joshua. Every time God desired to do something great, He called a leader to step forward. Today He still calls leaders to step forward for every work–both large and small.”

If you are a leader (and according to the above, every believer is a leader), then you have a calling. As 2012 draws to a close, let’s recommit ourselves to pursuing God’s plan for our leadership with fresh vigor and energy. There is no question that God has called each and every one of us to lead others. Let’s make the most of it this year.

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