Dependent Leadership

22 Oct

I came across some statistics about which professions rely on coffee the most to make it through their day. Some surprising jobs made the list, and some of you will note your own professions here. (Apparently, they didn’t survey “Pastors at Trinity” because we didn’t make the top ten list). You can see all the stats here:

The list raises an interesting thought, though. What are we really dependent on? As leaders in various fields of industry, there are certain tools that are indispensable. Some jobs require certain products. Yet as spiritual leaders, we all require God’s presence and His guidance not only to make it through the day, but in order to effectively lead others. Too often, it seems that we substitute other things to lead or distract us, instead of finding the real source of our leadership in God.

Leadership is described as a spiritual gift, which implies on some level that we can’t effectively lead without the Spirit’s guidance. We should strive to live each moment more and more aware of our need for God, and more and more aware of His presence in our lives.

How often do we take God’s leading in our lives for granted? What are we choosing instead?

What must we do to keep ourselves focused with God’s leading so that we can most effectively lead others?

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