Planning vs. Execution

06 Aug

Dear Momentum Leaders,

I’ve recently finished reading a book about World War II. I’ve been struck by a lot of things about the history of that generation, but certainly one of the most fascinating has been an examination of different leadership styles, in situations where leadership decisions had such high stakes. I came across this quote, highlighting a difference between the styles of General Eisenhower and General Patton. I think it has profound implications for spiritual leadership:

“Eisenhower had often said that in war, plans are everything before the battle begins, but once the shooting started plans were worthless. And back in 1926, when he had graduated first in his class at the Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Patton had written to congratulate him, then to warn him to put all that Leavenworth stuff out of his mind from now on. ‘Victory in the next war,’ Patton had declared, ‘will depend on EXECUTION not PLANS.’”

Indeed, I think it is the follow through on the plan that is the most important facet of doing something well. I think this is a hallmark of discipline, especially for the spiritual life–to be able to follow through on something God has called us to, even when the circumstances change and the task becomes more difficult.

Do you agree? 

How should we think about planning versus doing?

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