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The Unqualified Disciple

This week, I wanted to share an article I read online. It is called “The Unqualified Disciple.” I resonated with this article quite a bit, first because I have invited several people over the years into leadership roles, and have been met with this same response: “I’m unqualified.”

Secondly, I resonated with this article because I myself have felt this way: “I’m unqualified.” The article serves as a good reminder of the truth.

How about you? Do you resonate with this article?

What is your response?

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Avengers Style Evangelism

Summer is the time for mindless entertainment at the movie theatre. And it seems that there has been a glut lately of superhero movies. One such movie that we’ve seen is The Avengers.

One of the things that I found fascinating is how Hollywood has used familiar Avengers characters to promote the less familiar Avengers characters. For example, just about everyone has heard of Captain America. But after we’ve seen the movie, my son has fallen in love with characters like Hawkeye. He’s a lesser known Avenger, to be sure. But the makers of the movie have created interest in Hawkeye by connecting him to the more familiar, more comfortable characters. The result: people like my son are drawn deeper and deeper into the world of Avengers: buying the Hawkeye toys, etc. Now, my son just considers himself a fan of the Avengers, and doesn’t think twice about how he got there.

The funny thing is, Jesus operates the same way (except without all the shady marketing strategies). Jesus uses the familiar in order to draw people in to the deeper spiritual life. For an example, consider the pattern Jesus uses in Matthew 13: He says, “The kingdom of heaven is like…” seven times, followed each time by a common reference–fishing nets, yeast, seeds, etc. Jesus compares the spiritual world to the things that his audience was familiar with.

As we engage our community, we really should be doing the same thing. We should be looking to our common, familiar, shared knowledge and experiences in order to share deeper truths with people.

Do we look for deeper spiritual truths in the everyday occurrences at work?

Are we looking for natural ways to connect with the people God has put in our path?

Let’s pray today that God would open our eyes to the simple ways we can connect to others in our circle of influence.

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The Job of a Leader

When I was in graduate school studying acting, we used to have a lot of conversations about what actors could or should be doing when they weren’t acting. All of us acting students knew that getting work as an actor wasn’t always easy, and so we figured we would need something steady to fall back on to help pay the bills. We talked about waiting tables, or other jobs that had a lot of flexibility. But each of us was looking for a job where we could keep using our acting skills, if such a job were even possible.

One day, as our professor came into class, he overhead a group of us talking about what actors should do when they are not acting. He said something very simple, but very profound. He said, “Actors act. If you call yourself an actor, you should be acting. If you are not acting, you are not really an actor.”

What he was really saying was that if we called ourselves actors, we should be about the business of acting. Anything else was really a waste of our time, but more importantly, a waste of our gifts. If we spent all out time waiting tables, could we really call ourselves actors? He knew that if we let the demands of life get in the way of what we had been called to, we would eventually fall away from acting all together.

I think it is the same with leadership. If we call ourselves leaders, or if other have identified leadership traits in us, then we really need to be leading. If we are not leading someone somewhere, can we really call ourselves leaders?

My challenge to you all this week, is to take a good hard look at your leadership priorities. Leaders lead.

If you are not leading someone somewhere, are you really a leader?

Are you really using the gifts that God has given you?

Are you leading in the place God has called you?

What needs to change?

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