12 Mar

I was watching a movie with my kids this week, and my son is at that age when he is full of questions. The movie had just started when he started in, too:

“Who is that man?”
“Why is he running?”
“Who is that other person?”
“Is he a good guy?”

I finally had to stop the movie and explain to him that sometimes we don’t know what is going on in the movie until later. Those are all good questions, but we don’t have enough information in the first minute of the film to be able to answer them. (I’m not sure that he understood me, because he kept asking questions throughout the movie).

I got to thinking that life is like that, too. All too often in our spiritual journey, we want to know all the answers before we even get started with the story. But that is almost never how God works. We exist forever on a “need to know” basis, and it seems we very rarely need to know what is coming next. God seems content to say to us, “If you know me, you’ll trust me.”

So how do you respond in times like this?

How would you encourage a person who is full of questions and uncertainties, but wants to trust God?

What Scripture passages come to mind to help in these situations?

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