Leadership Case Study 1

13 Feb

For this week’s installment, I’ve got a case study to present to you. After you read and reflect on it, leave a comment telling us how you would respond in this situation.

In the first four years of her Christian life, Shannon grew steadily in her walk with God. She made such amazing progress in her knowledge of the Bible that others told her she put them to shame. She became involved in a small group at her church and she found a place to serve others.

Recently, however, Shannon has been feeling as if she is in a spiritual slump. Prayer and meditation were once a priority after she heard someone say, “No Bible, no breakfast.” But now, Shannon is more irregular in her “quiet time.” Some of her friends tell her not to be concerned, but she feels as if days without a quiet time don’t go very well. She as also found that as her work has increased, she hasn’t been able to attend her small group as often as before.

In the early years of her Christian walk, Shannon used to marvel at the way God changed her attitudes towards work and difficult people. Now she feels guilty because a few days ago she lost her temper with a customer, and she worries that she doesn’t seem to be making the same gains in her faith that she once did.

What would you tell Shannon to help her understand what spiritual growth means and to encourage her in her walk with Christ?

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