Top Ten Best Leadership Resources

09 Jan

I’ve been spending some time here at the beginning of the year re-evaluating my “input” sources. I’ve got a lot of ways that I take in information, some of which are really useful and some of which are not. So, as the year begins, I wanted to go through and figure out which ones were the most useful and keep those, and stop using the least useful resources that I have picked up over the past year. In the process, I thought I would get some input from this community, too.

Perhaps one of the most useful resources I’ve ever discovered is a blog by Michael Hyatt. He’s the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and blogs about Leadership, both Spiritual and Practical. Here’s one of his best posts:

Creating a Life Plan:
This eBook by Hyatt is a fabulous read, especially for those looking to make some significant changes in their lives:

Hyatt also has a great deal of Evernote resources. Evernote is a program that has literally changed the way I work and the way I think about and organize information. I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to one of Hyatt’s posts about Evernote that will help you understand it:

So there are 2 of my most valuable resources, Michael Hyatt and Evernote. Now it is your turn. Help me fill out the other 8 in this list of Top 10 Best Leadership Resources.

What resources can’t you live without?

What resources do you find yourself always paying attention to?

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