Humility, Part 2

26 Dec

We had some great interactions related to humility from last week. I was humbled by your wisdom and insight. This week I’m not expecting much interaction since the holiday changes everyone’s schedule (though you can certainly continue to interact if you have some questions or thoughts to share!). I came across this prayer about humility, and it really struck me. I’d encourage you to pray it this week, along with me:

Lord Jesus Christ, my almighty yet humble God.
Your word teaches that You bring down the proud and lift up the humble.
I am tempted even in this prayer to be humble so I can be made much of.
Forgive me. Help me be free from the desire to be exalted.
Help me to admit when I am wrong or mistaken.
Help me to rejoice in another’s success even if it comes at my expense.
Help me to be content when I am not on top.
Help me to weep when those who have been against me weep, not     taking secret joy in their misfortune.
Help me not to be miffed when I am not recognized or appreciated.
Help me not to feel insulted when I am not chosen or consulted.
Help me not to be disheartened when I am passed over.
Help me to recognize that all I have that is good is a gift from Your hand.

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